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If you followed a link from another community or my personal journal, then you've invariably been linked to this entry. Here you'll gain access to the latest chapters of the story as well as previous chapters.

But first, a word to the wise:

Heed the warning, kiddies -- this means you!

Use the table below to select which chapter you'll like to read!


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Chapter 14
Smutty Interlude-3
Smutty Interlude-4
Chapter 15
Chapter 16
Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
Chapter 20

Summary:  laurel_tx issued an AU GoF Deathfic Challenge. This is my answer. Harry, given the choice to compete in the Twi-Wizard Tournament or not, finds that every decision has consequences.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all recognizeable characters are owned by Rowling, Warner Bros., and the other myriad of publishing companies that own Rowling.
Warnings: Harry-centric in first person, secondary characters in third person.
Main Pairings: Harry/Cedric; Harry/Colin; Harry/Charlie
Chapter Word Count: Between 2500-3200
Author's Note-1: Concrit is always welcomed.

This fic was originally archived here.
You can check the old community for some of the old comments if you like; it'll remain undeleted for awhile, at least. As with all my fics, concrit is always welcomed!

and be updated when new chapters come available!

I bet you thought this would never pick up again, eh?